Cowboy Pumping Unit Sales & Repair

Cowboy Pumping [Converted]


P.O. Box 698
Hennessey, OK  73742


Cowboy Pumping Unit is a company started by Tom and Randy Holder, Robert Lee, and Rick Bittle.  It was incorporated in January of 2005 and had its first sales in late January of that year.  Cowboy was started to provide service to oil & gas operators who have pumping units in central and northwest Oklahoma.  All service is dispatched out of the Hennessey yard on a first call basis.  Cowboy operates 6 state of the art crane trucks and winch truck services to disassemble, repair, move or reassemble any pumping unit equipment.

Cowboy also operates its own machine shop with many jobs and repairs done onsite.  This enables us to have many repairs completed much more quickly and efficiently.  Cowboy employees are very experienced and can provide services both safely and expertly.  Cowboy maintains an extensive inventory of parts to expedite repairs and return wells to production, as well as a large inventory of used pumping units that have been completely refurbished and are ready for installation in the field.

Tom Holder, President
Randy Holder, Vice-President