Longhorn Service Co.

P.O. Box 698
Hennessey, OK  73742

Longhorn Service Co. is a proven leader in the well servicing business in Oklahoma, Arkansas and Pennsylvania.  Longhorn Service Co. was established in 1988 by Tom and Randy Holder; they remain the owners and maintain a hands on approach to the everyday operations.

Longhorn Service Co. is proud of its reputation as a leader in the area and is also proud of its dedicated employees.  Many of these employees have 10 years or more of well servicing experience.  The supervisory personnel have 20 plus years of experience and maintain good customer relations as well as a close working relationship with their employees.

Longhorn Service Co. maintains a very good fleet of equipment to serve the needs of oil & gas operators.  Longhorn prides itself on doing good work and is always striving to improve.  Longhorn currently has 13 well servicing rigs, and 3 swabbing units available to oil & gas operators in a wide service area. We are a growing company always seeking to provide state of the art services.  Longhorn Service Co. is currently providing service from 4 service yards in Fort Smith, Arkansas and McAlester, Fairview and Hennessey, Oklahoma.

Tom Holder, President
Randy Holder, Vice-President